THE BRIGHT STARS IN CHRISTIE’S ORBIT: The governor’s administration has been called the most disciplined in recent memory; these are the people who make it all work.

Christie keeps a tight circle. This story looks at those in his inner circle, many who have gone on to be named senators and other cabinet positions.

THE BOTTOM LINE ON STATE PAY:Analysis: Some public workers well-paid, some well below middle class
Questions that leave Christie speechless: Experts say taking a stance on topics like evolution and illegal immigration would carry a political risk

Using a database I built from the state’s spending database, this story looks at how much state workers were being paid at a time when debate was heated about their compensation.

Christie, in Utah, keeps lid on pension talk: But in private lunch at conference, other governors reveal he talked

Christie arrived at the annual NGA meeting and kept his mouth shut, except when he was bragging behind closed doors with other governors. And they were happy to talk once they left.

If Dems were looking to set a trap, Christie made sure they landed in it

Christie entered a protracted budget fight with Democrats. And thanks to some behind-the-scenes maneuvering, beat them at their own game.

Christie town hall meeting explodes into fight night: Critics go toe-to-toe with governor in Parsippany

Town hall meetings often turned in to fight night when Christie sparred with attendees.

Governor does spot-on imitation of 2012 hopeful : Christie rejects rumor, decries inaction in D.C.

Speaking in Washington, Christie perked more than a few ears as he sounded less like a governor and more like a presidential candidate.

Christie sent wrong message, experts say: Some think response to snowstorm hurt image

When a blizzard hit New Jersey, Christie was in Disney World. And he didn’t come back. (Post script: One could see how many lessons he learned from this storm when he became a national figure responding to Hurricane Sandy.)

Christie seethes in silence on schools: He refuses to talk about flouting court

The court ordered Christie to keep schools funding at higher levels. He wasn’t happy.