Delaware politicians going directly to the people: Retail politics in Delaware hit its peak at the State Fair, where one politician got familiar with farmers by buying a steer.

Gov. Markell’s spending reforms fall flat: A look at Gov. Jack Markell’s budget proposals in 2010 that were stripped from the budget by the Legislature and an analysis of why he was unsuccessful.

O’Donnell faces campaign debt, back-tax issues An article compiled using public records, court documents and interviews to look at the finances of U.S. Senate candidate.

Critics say GOP abused its perks An article that looks at accusations that Republican lawmakers took the usual perks of holding the majority to a new level, including campaign workers on the state’s dime and a master’s degree for a lawmaker.

Legislators’ travel tabs often missing — A database-driven story looking at more than three years worth of travel by Delaware lawmakers.

Learning lessons from a gambling state — This is a story that resulted from traveling to West Virginia to compare the growth of casinos there with the planned growth in Delaware. Not only was West Virginia being used by state officials to model regulations and tax rates, the state’s gambling scene provided lessons about investing in a community.

No home, no refund, no hope — This is a story that sent me looking at empty fields in Pennsylvania, scouring over court documents and shocked when more than 50 people showed up for an impromptu meeting to tell me their story about having put a down payment home that was never built. This story looks at one builder who skirted the law and walked away with dozens of people’s life savings.

Off-duty officers accused in fight — The ongoing story of two off duty officers involved in a fight with two young, minority men at a bar one of the officers owns. From tracking down the initial story after a late night tip, then delving in deeper into the details of the night, these stories look at accusations of racially-motivated attack after hours in a city bar.

Lawmakers back to bickering over state deficit — A story that tried to strike at the heart of an issue, this is a look at the political side of the state budgeting process.

Victims of crime mired in red tape — This is a collection of stories that put a face and horrific story to a bill that otherwise would have just been a number. Abuse victims were not only getting buried in red tape when trying to seek assistance from the state, but legislation to fix the problems became a political casualty.

Minner’s expenses called into question — This story used records sought relentlessly under the state’s open record law as a result of an earlier story from a tip that the governor had left the country with no warning. Records made available on her last day in office reveal former Gov. Ruth Ann Minner spent thousands traveling out of the country and to tropical locations in her last months in office.

An outsider’s plan tests Dover insiders — A look at Gov. Jack Markell at his 100 days in office comparing the skills he carried from business into government and how some help while others hurt him in politics.

Seniority and power are one in this Senate — A closer look at the most powerful member of the state Senate and the lasting impact he had on Delaware politics.

Southern Delaware detox center closing today — Budget cuts became a painful reality when the only detox center for the uninsured closed as a result of a rush of state workers retiring after facing budget cuts and an effort to privatize services by the state.

Sports betting bill passes — This story is a an example of diligent daily reporting in covering the Legislature. After a marathon negotiating session and killing the bill once, House members voted to pass the landmark sports betting legislation.

States put down bets on gaming expansion — Mid-Atlantic states entered a race to see who could legalize gambling the fastest and poise their state to be a tourist destination. Delaware put it’s bets down first — legalizing sports betting — in a hope to out do neighboring states.

No sign of retraining funds for Chrysler workers — A story neither side wanted to admit to, despite being promised $10,000 for education, a miscommunication between the state and Chrysler left hundreds of laid-off workers without the expected assistance.

Castle to run for Senate – U.S. Rep. Mike Castle announced he would be running for the Senate.

Election 2008Clips from various parts of the 2008 election season, including President Barack Obama’s historic “race speech” in Philadelphia and dispatches from Vice President Joe Biden’s front yard.